Sow Delicious

In a world that sometimes feel saturated with recycled ideas and re-inventions, it’s like striking gold when you discover a product that’s as unique as it is brilliant.

We all know that mighty oaks from little acorns grow, but Sow Delicious has achieved something almost as remarkable by blending heirloom seeds and organic soil into a wonderfully chocolatey slab.

Now, tasty vegetables from bars of chocolate grow.

CLAYSPOON is proud to be appointed official UK distributor for ‘Grow Chocolate’ which is the brainchild of Vanessa Jacobs, who turned a passion for edible-gardening into a wonderfully inventive idea that will literally bear fruit… and veg.

Sow Delicious is all about encouraging people to grow and eat healthy food. Thankfully they’ve made it very simple, which gives even the least green-fingered amongst us the incredible satisfaction of planting something and seeing it grow. The aim is to then follow the process through and actually eat what is grown, which is especially rewarding in an age where people are tiring of fast food, junk food and, sometimes, food that isn’t even food!

Heart shaped peppers, scarlet-spotted lettuce or purple cauliflower are just some of the delicious vegetables you can harvest from our Grow-Chocolate™ collections.

Each ‘Grow Chocolate’ is handmade from the finest organic ingredients and filled with the purest heirloom seed. If you plant it and water it, it will grow into delicious vegetables and fresh herbs that will awaken the inner chef and the inner gardener!

The seeds are heirloom seeds, which means they’re the same plant that grew on the earth up to 1000s of years ago. They haven’t been tampered with and are not genetically modified.

These seeds are nestled in a ‘bar of chocolate’ so you can simply take out one slab and add water to get your first shoot.

The ‘chocolate’ organic growing compound has enough nutrients to give your little seedlings the kick start they need. It also absorbs three times the amount of water that soil does, which helps to keep it moist. This is great news for those of us who are forgetful waterers!

These amazing little products really do make the perfect gift. Chocolates and flowers have always been an absolute winner in the gift department. Now you can give guilt free ‘chocolate’, perhaps with a little pot…


Sow Delicious Grow Chocolate Exotic Aubergine

Sow Delicious Grow Chocolate Salad Flowers