Clayspoon Hope Bracelets

Clayspoon visited Hope Jewellery while in Africa and we were so inspired that we decided we'd like to try and help.

They employ ladies from local communities to make small items of jewellery, which are individually made with lots of joy thrown in. 

Some of the beads are hand-rolled before being threaded onto bracelets or necklaces. 

By purchasing a bracelet you're enabling these ladies to provide for their families, you're supporting an initiative that develops job opportunities and you're helping to fund an outreach project that feeds under-privileged children. 

CLAYSPOON Hope is a charitable association that we are proud to support. We deal directly with the project so that maximum profit goes directly into the hands of the makers.

We have made a commitment that whatever we sell, we will use the proceeds to purchase more bracelets, so that we can continue to sow into this very worthy cause.


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