Halo - Dishcovers

Halo Dish Covers offers hope to South Africans through the creation of much needed employment opportunities and contributes towards freeing our environment of single-use plastic waste. 

The aim was to grow opportunities for young people in South Africa, to grow communities of like-minded people and to work together towards better business practices. This growth means less waste, and less single-use plastics.


  • they are flexible, accommodating many different sizes, shapes, and situations.
  • they are long lasting and will stick by you for years to come.
  • they protect you from the harmful toxins that go into your food when you use cling wrap.
  • they protect your food from being contaminated.
  • they protect the environment from the waste created by single use plastics.
  • they slot into your lifestyle going into the washing machine and at hand in a drawer when you need them.
  • they are there when you gather with friends and family.
  • they are well appreciated as gifts, being both beautiful and useful.
  • each Halo Dish Cover carries a story told far and wide. ​


South Africa has an alarming unemployment rate of 29.1% (and this number is increasing) of which 58.2% is made up of young people under the age of 25.  Halo Dish Covers is currently working with, and uplifting, existing manufacturers and cooperatives that have facilities and seamstresses but do not have sufficient work to support their staff and members. The Halo team is working closely with our manufacturing partners, providing the training and equipment required to produce consistent, excellent quality in a sustainable and efficient way. As Halo grows, we are focused on expanding this initiative to create many happy working opportunities for more young South African workers.

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