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Dinner Plate 29cm - Plain Warm Grey Wash

Dinner Plate 29cm - Plain Warm Grey Wash

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The Wonki Ware dinner pieces are hand crafted by local artisans in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Dinner plate - Warm Grey Wash

Size: 29cm diameter


The first time you lay your table with a Wonki Ware piece and serve your summer salad in one of the iconic Wonki Ware salad bowls we can almost guarantee that everyone at the table will be impressed.

Each piece is made entirely by hand, so no two pieces will ever be the same. There may be blemishes, colour differences or bumps and curves in different places. This is what gives Wonki Ware its unique beauty and charm. It isn’t machine made, it isn’t uniformly produced and, in our opinion, the minor imperfections are what help to make it practically perfect.


Patterns: The plain dinner pieces have no patterns.  

Colours: Warm Grey

Dishwasher Safe: The plates and bowls are safe to be put in the dishwasher, please just take care to stack the items carefully and don't lean heavy items on them.

A Customer Story: “Our Wonki Ware dinner service was given to us as a gift. At first we were almost too nervous to use it, “saving it for best” while we wheeled out the trusty old white plates for daily use. But when we discovered that the plates and bowls could be washed in the dishwasher we started to use them more confidently. Now the simplest meal looks so lovely and we feel so proud when friends come for dinner and we serve it on our Wonki Ware plates! Every single person comments on it and it honestly just makes everything look better! We even let the children use the side plates for their beans on toast – best looking supper in town and so far no breakages! …"

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Care information

Wash in the washing machine


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