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Wonki Ware XL Patterned Serving Platter and 4 plain wash ramekins - Charcoal

Wonki Ware XL Patterned Serving Platter and 4 plain wash ramekins - Charcoal

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Available exclusively online, this set comprises an extra large patterned Wonki Ware serving platter and 4 plain wash ramekin dishes. 

The generously proportioned platter is a piece of art in itself and will happily take centre stage on your dining table, even while empty. Its shallow base and deep sides are perfectly shaped to hold a variety of dishes from roast meats to large Italian salads.

The generous proportions of the serving platter are complemented by the conveniently proportioned ramekin dishes, which are useful for just about anything. Use them as little bowls for a nibbles, or to serve up small side dishes and sauces, or fill them modest portion of strawberries and cream for pudding.

Every single piece of Wonki Ware is made by hand, no matter how small or big. So the large platter and small ramekins go through  the same creative process, which sees the clay moulded, shaped, smoothed and painted during 18 different stages on the journey from clay to table.

The pattern on the serving platter is put into the clay by hand and then painted in the colour of your choice. The ramekins are unpatterned and finished in a plain colour wash.

Product Information:


Extra Large Patterned Serving Platter - size: 43cm by 6cm

Plain Wash Ramekins x 4 - size: 11cm diameter x 5cm

Please note that the above sizes are provided as a guideline only. Each Wonki Ware product is hand thrown so the shapes and dimensions will vary slightly even with the same products.


The XL serving platter is patterned while the ramekin dishes are unpatterned and finished in a plain colour wash.


The set is available in a choice of 4 colours. It isn't possible to mix the colours within the set so the serving platter and ramekins will all be in the same colour.

Available in:

Duck Egg, Warm Grey, Cornflower Blue and Charcoal.

IMPORTANT: Due to the hand-made nature of Wonki Ware, no two pieces will ever be the same. There may be blemishes, colour differences, irregularities or bumps and curves in different places. This is what gives Wonki Ware its beauty and charm. It isn’t machine made, it isn’t uniformly produced but, in our opinion, the minor imperfections are what help to make it practically perfect.


Each piece of Wonki Ware is a work of art in itself, yet it’s meant to be used and enjoyed, loved and shared, every single day...




Orcanic Cotton


Care information

Wash in the washing machine


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